How to Choose the Right Web Hosting

How to Choose the Right Web Hosting

So you have a new business or website set up and ready to go. One of the next decisions you’ll need to make is how you’re going to host your site. Website hosting is incredibly important because it’s what makes sure your website is up and running when customers come to it. Choosing hosting that isn’t reliable can ruin all of the hard work you’ve done.

When you start looking for great website hosting, you’ll notice that there are tons of options. Some are expensive and some are inexpensive. But what separates good hosting from great hosting? How do you make sure that you are choosing what’s best for your website and business?

Below is a list you should consider before committing to a host:

  • What are your needs? How many visitors do you expect to come to your website on a daily basis? What platform is your website built on and are there special needs for software you have used? Different website hosts have different abilities, so you’ll want to make sure that you have picked one that is compatible for exactly what your website needs.
  • What is their reliability? Do a little bit of research and make sure that the host you are considering to go with has a good reliability, or uptime, score. The benefit of your website is that it can be accessed 24/7. If your host goes down, then that benefit disappears. Reviews and monitoring tools will help you learn how reliable your host is.
  • What is their subscription or contract? Some website hosts require you to sign long contracts or commit to unreasonably long subscriptions. When you’re new to a host, you want to avoid commitments that are too long so that you have time to test them out and see if their services are a good fit for your needs.

There are a lot of great website hosts out there once you know what to look for. Shared hosting is a great place to start especially if you are looking for affordable options when you are just starting. The most important thing is to know what you need and to make sure that you are getting that without paying more for services you don’t need.